Facial Protocol + Seasonal Skincare Guidance with Holistic Esthetician Anne Dietrich


Recently, we welcomed Anne Dietrich to the Boketto family as our in-house holistic esthetician with joins us with over ten years of experience in holistic care. Anne practices nutritional therapies to assist in healing and nourishing the skin, and fulfills her passion for skin correction by using non-toxic, high quality ingredients. Her ultimate goal is to assist her clients both internally and externally through slow beauty — and we can certainly attest to her magic.

Skin is such an important vessel to underlying health, and we believe in nourishing and protecting this precious barrier through a multi-step holistic skincare regimen that works on an individual level. Anne’s facial treatments are developed and designed with the highest quality ingredients and massage methods to deeply cleanse, purify and restore.

Why holistic? Well, from Anne’s perspective, the emphasis is on feeding the skin, not stripping it. Whereas conventional estheticians might use harsh ingredients to dry out breakouts rather than looking deeper to understand the cause, holistic estheticians will work to uncover the underlying root cause of a skin issue — which is why Anne often refers her clients to Dr. Cope, our in-house naturopath, for further guidance to reveal if it’s perhaps a gut issue or allergy that may be creating inflammation or a specific reaction. Far too often the conventional approaches are simply quick fixes, and it is imperative to address overall skin health from the inside out.

Anne’s facial treatments go above and beyond a standard facial thanks to the incorporation of lymphatic drainage techniques. It’s a very soothing and relaxing type of massage using gentle but effective brushing motions that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. If toxins accumulate and become stagnant in the body (without proper lymphatic drainage support), then rapid aging and chronic skin conditions may result. Routinely flushing those toxins out and then feeding the skin (rather than stripping it) with quality ingredients helps to balance, restore and maintain the health of the skin long term.

Additionally, Anne incorporates Gua Sha techniques into her skincare treatments, which is simply a tool that ‘s designed to further support lymphatic drainage while helping to naturally lift the skin and decrease fine lines. “The natural botox,” as it’s commonly referred to.

Below outlines what you can expect from one of Anne’s thorough facial treatments, but of course each treatment varies depending on an individual’s unique needs. Anne’s facial treatments will use exclusive products from the Marie Veronique skin care line, with each treatment addressing the specific needs of the individual client — all products of which are available at Boketto.

  • Treatment begins with lymphatic drainage + gentle massage techniques to center and relax the body, while allowing for the skin to accept the ingredients more effectively.

  • From there, Anne will perform a double cleanse — typically the first one is to remove makeup, debris, dirt, and oil. The second cleanse is to simply further cleanse the skin after any debris has been removed so that the skin is receptive to facial treatment.

  • Next, she applies a probiotic enzyme exfoliant + facial steam to balance skin bacteria and gently exfoliate. While that sets, the feet and legs are massaged to further promote full body lymphatic drainage.

  • Then, a custom mask is applied, depending on individual's needs. As that sets, the hands and arms are massaged using hot stones.

  • From there, a facial oil is gently applied and Gua Sha massage techniques are performed, mostly around the jawline, neck and cheekbones — this is an extremely grounding and relaxing part of the treatment that is followed by additional facial massage

  • Finally, the treatment concludes with marma point therapy, targeting energy points on the face, followed by a little Lip Conditioner for those precious lips!

Given the importance of refreshing any skincare routine with the change of seasons, we tapped Anne for her top product recommendations for maintaining healthy summer skin.

SPF is number one. She insists on incorporating Marie Veronique’s Protective Day Oil which contains natural SPF + UV protection. Her tip: This oil helps the Marie Veronique Everyday Coverage Tinted Sunscreen glide on much more smoothly, without any beading.

The Pre+Probiotic Daily Mist helps to keep the skin well balanced and hydrated, especially during these times where excess heat and sweat is prevalent. If you lead an active lifestyle in the summer months, have this mist handy to refresh the skin post-workout to replenish and restore hydration.

The Soothing B3 Serum is ideal for restoring moisture balance. Although our body naturally produces B3, we tend to be easily depleted of our B’s, especially in the summer.

If you’re curious to explore what else we carry from the Marie Veronique line, here’s a wonderful overview that we put together recently that you may peep for further information and guidance. Also to note, we now carry select products from Marie Veronique’s Men’s line! Skin maintenance and facial treatments are just as fundamental for men, and it’s right in time for Father’s Day. We’ve heard that plenty of boyfriends, spouses and friends have seen successful results from using women’s skincare products, so we’re happy to now offer something for the men, too.

Allison Walton