A complete wellness program that focuses on the deeper levels of healing through Naturopathy, Acupuncture, massage and therapeutic facials. At Boketto, we believe that preventative care should be accessible, approachable and most importantly, not overwhelming. Our wellness program will provide you with a deeper awareness and understanding of your body’s needs and help you take more control of your own health so that you can maintain balance, vitality and overall well being.

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6 Month Plan

$199/month // $1135 pay up front (5% discount)
5 Naturopathic visits
5 acupuncture visits
Comprehensive lab testing at cost
Phone consultations + access to personal health portals
Nutritional counseling
5% off product
1 acute visit

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1 year plan

$185/month // $2109 pay up front
8 Naturopath visits
8 acupuncture visits
Comprehensive lab testing at cost
Phone consultations
Nutritional counseling
5% off product
2 acute visits
Reset Cleanse Program

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Add on services:

Additional $85/month//or added to total if paid in full for any 60 min service

*one of 2 services per month


Lab testing available:

Hormone panel
Heavy metals
GI panel

Want to know if we are a good fit?

We offer a 30 minute consultation for $50. This will include a general overview of your chief concern and health goals so that we can determine the best course of action to take.

Boketto x Well is a great opportunity to be empowered and become an active participant in your healthcare and sick care.  We will teach you medical advocacy, pattern observation and the tools to take control in your overall well being.