At Boketto, we feel it is important to relax and indulge in various methods of restoration. By incorporating holistic modalities and rituals including acupuncture, massage and lymphatic facial treatments, the art and science of healing addresses wellbeing through mind, body and spirit.



A form of alternative medicine and a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture supports the smooth flow of "Qi" in the entire body through the insertion of needles along various meridians. By releasing holding patterns, acupuncture restores the body and helps with both mental and physical disharmonies. 

Jelena Nikolajevic, LAc, MSTOM, studied acupuncture and herb theory at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in NYC. While in school, she had extensive training in both eastern and western medicine that covered subjects like pediatrics, orthopedics, dermatology, oncology, geriatrics, urology and gynecology. She studied under some of the best practitioners in and out of school where knowledge in Japanese acupuncture, shiatsu, tui na, and sports medicine was enhanced.  

Areas of specialty include orthopedics, anxiety, stress, digestive disorders, insomnia, migrane headaches, menstrual disorders, low immune system, genitourinary disorders, asthma and night sweating. In her practice she incorporated trigger point release therapy, tui na, applied kinesiology and muscle testing, nutritional and lifestyle counseling and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Kelly Sherman, L.Ac., CHN received her Master of Acupuncture studying Classical Chinese Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine while concurrently completing her certification as a Holistic Nutritionist at the Wellspring School of Healing Arts, both located in Portland, OR. As a Licensed Acupuncturist in Richmond, VA and founder of Wax and Wane Wellness her passion is helping patients to integrate the wisdom of the traditional healing arts into today’s fast paced lifestyle and modern approach to healthcare. Kelly’s style of acupuncture incorporates gentle needling with combinations of body work, tuning forks, moxibustion, aromatherapy, and glass fire cupping, along with nutrition and supplementation therapy depending on your needs. Together you will not only address your areas of concern at their root cause, but build a personal playbook for how to maintain balance and flow moving forward in a comprehensive and sustainable way. Areas of specialty include stress management, anxiety/depression, fatigue, chronic pain, food sensitivities, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, and menstrual irregularities.



Touch is an important aspect to healing, especially through massage. Whether it is Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage, facilitating movement through soft tissue work is another way to restore the body back into balance.

Anita Morgan Rigo completed training in 2011 from Lotus School of Integrated Professions, working with all types of clients with issues ranging from rotator cuff injuries to prenatal and postnatal to plantar fascia pain, marathon training to recovering from knee or hip surgery. She enjoys working with clients that have specific issues they need focused attention on in an effort to make a plan so they continue on the road to recovery. 

In 2014, she took Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains Fascial Release Series: Intrinsic Muscles of the Pelvis. This class altered her approach as a therapist when working on hips, low back and muscles connecting to the pelvis. It has also deepened her interest in the connection between the emotional, physical and how massage can help process emotions through the body. In 2015 she took Claire Marie Miller; Nurturing the Mother where I got to work closer with women and  sharpen my skills in prenatal, postnatal and labor massage. I am deeply passionate to work with moms and mothers to be! 

Her clients prefer her heavy, consistent pressure and intuitive approach to treat chronic pain, injury, stress, depression or sluggish circulation. 



The therapeutic experience of a facial treatment supports the body's natural detoxification with an emphasis on lymphatic drainage and targeted massage techniques to gently cleanse, exfoliate and brighten the outer layer of our most precious organ.

Summer Alexander of Apothecary Richmond attended American Institute of Massage, now Lotus School of Integrative Studies in 2012. She became a Licensed Esthetician in 2015 and a Board Certified Massage Therapist in 2016. Summer has studied aromatherapy, myofacial release, massage cupping, the lymphatic system, and deep tissue massage.

Apothecary Richmond was born out of the desire to create simple, effective, and safe personal care products. Skin care treatments were inspired by European facial services, with focus on clearing lymph and reducing congestion in the tissue. Ingredients were chosen to address
common skin care concerns, such as, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and aging.

Summer is also available for massage therapy treatment; inquire via the link below.