Breast Health & Embodied Heart-Connection with Abigail Hinds

Breast Health & Embodied Heart-Connection with Abigail Hinds


Breast Health & Embodied Heart-Connection with Abigail Hinds

Wednesday, July 17 from 6-7pm

Boketto Wellness: 106 N Vine St. Richmond, VA 23220

*This one hour workshop will be offered on a sliding scale (suggested $10-$33). Payment will be accepted in-store on the day of the workshop. Please register in advance to secure your spot.

We are so honored to host Abigail Hinds of Womb Weaving for a knowledge share about Breast Health & Embodied Heart-Connection. Join us to learn and understand why breast health is so important for our overall health, relationships, and ability to thrive in life.

Abigail will offer an overview on the lymphatic system and breast health from an elemental Ayurvedic perspective — how these vital rivers flow through our chests, affecting our health and emotional body, and how to care for these channels to keep your lymph rivers flowing and healthy. Keeping these rivers clear, nourished and flowing is essential for optimal health, to prevent dis-ease and be in our intuitive feminine channel.

Abigail will also share some Ayurvedic self-care tools designed to heal, clear, re-vitalize and up-level your embodied breast connection and health. Additionally, she will speak to the reclamation of this culturally disconnected and distorted body part sharing new ways of relating to our chests that are empowering, nourishing and connective.

“Let's be real, our breasts are often either sexualized or they are a tool for feeding. Most other times they may be ignored, and projected upon. From my experience working with folks I know that this area can be one of the most tender and under cared for areas of our body. We hold stagnation, heartbreak, vulnerability, unexpressed emotions and unspoken words in the channels of our breasts. Often resulting in breast pain/tenderness, cysts, emotional stagnation & confusion, holding back truths and blocked throat/voice, trying to get love/attention/worthiness/validation outside of ourselves.”

Reclaiming and tending this area of the body is GOLD. It frees up our emotional energy, our VITAL flow and supports us to walk embodied in our sovereignty, truth and love. It’s time to reclaim and nurture ourselves in tender spacious love.

SPECIAL SERVICE OFFERING: Abigail will also be available on Thursday, July 18 offering private Ayurvedic Lymphatic Breast Massage Sessions. Please call Boketto at 804-354-6707 to further inquire and book your appointment. Sessions are extremely limited in quantity and offered on a first come first served basis. Appointments offered on a sliding scale: One hour session $88-108 / 90 min $144

Abigail Hinds Bio

Abigail helps women and genderqueer folks transform womb trauma and oppression to feel safer in their skin and live empowered, balanced lives. She has led breast health workshops in the Moon Temple at the 2018 Permaculture Convergence and at multiple Womb Wellness day-long events in Berkeley. Abigail's practice emerged from her Ayurvedic studies with instructor DeAnna of the Dhyana Center and many hours of guided practice and experience. Abigail has offered many other workshops on womb health such as Natural Birth Control, Moon Blood Magic, and Tracking Your Moon-Womb Cycle.

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