Deep Listening - Balancing Your Weight, Your Emotions, Your Hormones and Your Life With Ancient Ayurveda

Deep Listening - Balancing Your Weight, Your Emotions, Your Hormones and Your Life With Ancient Ayurveda


Deep Listening: Balancing Your Weight, Your Emotions, Your Hormones and Your Life With Ancient Ayurveda, hosted by Katie Silcox

Sunday, November 11


Boketto Wellness: 106 North Vine Street, Richmond VA 23220

Join us with New York Times best-selling health author, Katie Silcox, for an event that every woman should attend. Often the single most common complaint among women is that they simply don’t feel at home in their body. Katie will offer you some simple Ayurveda-inspired, no-more-band-aid tips that will help you feel at home in your body again. And these techniques aren’t about imposing hard and fast rules – they are about deep listening. 

Many of us turn to the transient comfort of food, overeating in attempt to numb out the pain. We numb out fear, loneliness, dissatisfaction with our careers, sexual frustration, boredom in our marriage, resentment, anger, deep-seated insecurity and sadness. The crazy part is that after we numb-out, we feel depressed and/or anxious, and pick up the next activity to stuff down that emotion. And thus, the endless cycle of foggy vision and misplaced desire begins again.

What can heal us? Ayurveda says that knowing when we begin living unconsciously, dysfunctional behavior is the first step. Bringing loving awareness to these behaviors starts to unravel the pattern at the root. The following tips will help you begin to balance your weight, while simultaneously addressing the deeper emotional hunger.

In this event we will explore diet, self-care, herbs and meditations, all based on igniting the metabolic fire and moving us into healthier nervous system states of parasympathetic. You will leave with specific protocols for balancing the digestive, hormonal, emotional and nervous systems. 

Katie Silcox, M.A. is the New York Times Best-Selling author of the book, Healthy, Happy, Sexy - Ayurveda Wisdom for Modern Women. Holding a Master’s Degree in the Ayurveda Sciences, Katie is an internationally-recognized teacher, mentor to women and inspirer of hearts and minds. She is renowned for her depth of study, her ability to present the complexities of ancient wisdom in a practical, life-affirming manner, as well as her unique capacity to distill the teachings with southern-belle humor and grace. Her signature teaching style is known as Body Yantra™, incorporating Tantric vinyasa, restorative yoga, dance, sound, breath, emotion processing, manifestation technology, holistic biomechanics and structural trauma-release methods.

Katie was named one of San Francisco's Best Yoga Teachers by Common Ground Magazine in 2009, one of "70 Yogis Changing the World" by Origin Magazine in 2014, and one of "100 Trailblazers in Yoga and Ayurveda" by Spirituality and Health Magazine in 2015. Katie has written extensively on the topics of yoga, Ayurveda, sexuality, herbalism and women’s health in such publications as Yoga Journal, Common Ground Magazine and Origin Magazine. Her best-selling book has been translated into multiple languages around the globe. Katie has sipped from the honey of many globally-known teachers, including a decade-long guru-disciple relationship in the Himalayan lineage-based Sri-Vidya Tantra. Today, she works solely with the inner guru of her own heart.

Workshop Policy: In the event that you are unable to attend after purchasing your workshop ticket, you may apply your ticket towards a future Boketto Wellness workshop or find a friend to replace your spot at the event. For questions, please email

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