Getting To Know Your Local Medicinal Mushrooms: CORDYCEPS

Getting To Know Your Local Medicinal Mushrooms: CORDYCEPS


Getting to know your local Medicinal Mushrooms, led by Nina O’Malley of Mush Luv

Thursday, May 23, 5:00-6:30pm

Boketto Wellness: 106 N Vine St. Richmond, VA 23220

Please Note: This workshop is being offered to the community as a full 4-week series ($100), or individually ($35 per class). Please make sure that you are registering for the proper series or individual class at checkout.

Every day, the healing properties of mushrooms are being described and revealed in new ways. The amazing thing is that these mushrooms are some of our most potent local herbal medicines! Join Nina O’Malley of Mush Luv as we dive into the principles behind the healing powers of mushrooms, allowing you to learn their practical uses and facilitate your relationship to these graceful beings.

Each class will focus on one species from our bio-region and teach you identification, what seasons to be looking for them, how to incorporate them into your health regimen, and how we “journey” to the mushroom and grow our relationships with these powerful teachers and allies.

April 25: REISHI, The Mushroom of Immortality

May 9: LION’S MANE, The Brain Food

May 23: CORDYCEPS, The Energy Enhancer

June 6: TURKEY TAIL, The Immune Modulator

Nina O’Malley, co-founder of Mush Luv in Charlottesville VA is a medicine maker and mushroom grower dedicated to helping the earth and people heal. Nina, along with her partner, Charlie, spends time building relationships with the plants and Fungi in her hometown. Through Mush Luv she offers fresh, local gourmet mushrooms, local medicinal products and educational workshops to the community.

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