Mindfulness: Experiencing the Settling Mind

Mindfulness: Experiencing the Settling Mind


Mindfulness: Experiencing the Settling Mind

Sunday, November 19


*Note that this has been rescheduled from 10/22

Boketto Wellness: 106 North Vine Street, Richmond VA 23220

As the pace of life increases, the ability to be present continues to be more challenging for us all. In our efforts to keep up with all of the doing in the world, we fail to simply be, and, as a result, we not only undermine our performance, but we also miss out on each individual moment that ultimately makes up our entire life. 

During this ninety-minute guided workshop, Alex Peavey, local mindfulness instructor and creator of The Mindful Way, will discuss how we can bring the practice of mindfulness into our every day lives and truly live it (both on and off the "cushion"). Alex will lead all attendees through guided meditation practices that they can then take home with them, as well as discussing mindfulness strategies for dropping into this moment, which is the only moment we have to perform, to achieve, and to live.

Alex Peavey grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he later graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology. He has practiced mindfulness since the age of 15, and his professional training came under the direction of Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of UMass Medical's Center for Mindfulness. In 2007, Alex created a semester-long elective for seniors called "Mindful Leadership" at Collegiate School (where he currently works as a teacher, coach, and school counselor), which has partnered with Patagonia and focuses on teaching service-based leadership, rooted in compassion for others and goodwill towards the world around us. Outside of Collegiate, Alex has spoken on the topic of mindfulness at public & private schools, colleges & universities, businesses, juvenile correctional facilities, the Federal Reserve, churches, and regional & international conferences. He leads "Mindful Mondays" at the Cameron K Galagher Foundation, which is a free opportunity for Richmond-area students to practice mindfulness once a month, and he reaches adults by serving on the faculty of the Chrysalis Institute. Alex provides mindfulness consultations to individuals aged 12 - 29 through his work at Health & Family Psychologists of Virginia and established The Mindful Way, where his primary mindfulness work outside of Collegiate is his time spent with high school, college, and professional athletes and teams on mindfulness for peak performance. 

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