Wise Women Traditions for Postpartum in the Modern World

Wise Women Traditions for Postpartum in the Modern World


Wise Women Traditions for Postpartum in the Modern World, led by Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Maris Mendez, Melanie Headley of A Brighter Birth and Suzy Brockmann of Pan Natural Goods

Saturday, June 8 from 10am-1pm

Boketto Wellness: 106 N Vine St. Richmond, VA 23220

When we give birth to our babies, we are also giving birth to ourselves as mothers. We are forever changed. The very fabric of our existence will never be quite the same. It is so important to our physical health and our mental wellbeing to accept and embrace this new way of being.

Join Maris Mendez, Melanie Headley, and Suzy Brockmann for a community gathering and discussion on all things postpartum. Each of these women will apply a personal lens to their individual birth experiences and offer their perspective on postpartum care and support for the modern world.

Through the lens of Ayurveda, we can use our understanding of the natural elements at play during this time of great transition to cultivate a sense of nourished, balanced wellbeing that will be the foundation of our health for years to follow.

Melanie Headley, owner of A Brighter Birth, will be leading a conversation on the realities of the Postpartum phase, and how to implement these important age old traditions into your modern day lie-in. Through stories, tips and experiences from this Mother of 4/6 + Birth Doula, you will learn ways to prepare for and truly love your postpartum phase. 

Suzy Brockmann of Pan Natural Goods will be debuting her brand new line of postpartum goods and attendees will have the first look at her new collection! Suzy will offer an explanation, purpose and use of each item, and why she finds them imperative in the postpartum healing process for new mothers.


Maris Mendez grew up in a family of yogis and meditators that incorporated Ayurveda into everyday life growing up. She has studied Ayurveda which translates as "the Science of Life" for the last 15 years along with yoga, meditation, herbalism and energy healing. She is the mother of two great kids and has been inspired by her own experiences with pregnancy and childbirth to help support women through these enormous life transitions. She has worked as a childbirth educator and birth doula and although she is not presently taking doula clients is excited to share the wisdom that Ayurveda has to offer women during the fourth trimester/ the postpartum period.

Melanie Headley is the Owner/Operator of A Brighter Birth, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator and Lactation Counselor for ABB. Mama to 4 little people, lover of food, art, music, fashion, yoga and ALL things birth. She stumbled across A Brighter Birth when she was pregnant with her first kid 15 years ago. It was the only out of hospital CBE class of its kind, taught by the fabulous Chris Dewilde. She and her partner utilized every single tool they learned during their 46 hour birth experience, helping them to feel empowered and confident in making decisions and working together. She was honored to take the class over in 2008 and began teaching out of her own living room.

Suzy Brockmann is the founder of Pan Natural Goods, a local line of all-natural soaps, skin care, perfumes and space mists as well as a Feng Shui Consultant. When Suzy and her partner, Ian Calder, moved to Goochland, VA in 2013 they were immersed in a world of gardening and using homegrown plants in every way possible. This led to soap making and formulating natural self-care products. Pan is an evolving line of these goods and are all handcrafted in small batches out of their home studio in Virginia.

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